Pediatric Care in the Taylor TX Area

Parents all know just how important it is to provide their children with top-quality medical care at all times. If you’re searching for a reputable pediatrician near the Taylor TX area, you can breathe easy. Cedar Park Pediatrics is a trusted nearby office that concentrates on pediatric family medicine. Our office can give you access to the best and most efficient medical care for kids around. When you need a dependable, trained and skilled pediatrician to take care of your precious youngster, Cedar Park Pediatrics is an excellent and acclaimed option. Our practice is headed by the team of Dr. Joseph Cohen & Dr. Kathleen Henderson. We offer in-depth medical attention that’s suitable for newborns. We offer medical care that’s appropriate for children who are upward of 18 years in age as well. If you need a great doctor for your child, you can’t beat our office. Cedar Park Pediatrics has been a strong name since launching back in 2005.

Our Available Specialties

Cedar Park Pediatrics is a great option for parents who are searching for attentive, detail-oriented and thorough medical services for their children. We focus on standard wellness assessments. We focus on comprehensive acute care. We even focus on exhaustive consultations that can provide patients with invaluable insight regarding many diverse types of complex and significant medical ailments. If any of these specialties interest you in any way, it’s time to reach out to our practice.

Our physicians are strong examples of dedicated medical professionals. They make a point to provide patients with care that’s sensitive, empathetic and personalized. This can be extremely helpful to young children who are squeamish about medical appointments of all varieties. If your child feels uneasy about the idea of visiting the doctor, we can put his or her mind at ease without a problem. Our pediatricians are the definition of calm and soothing. The same thing goes for our courteous and knowledgeable office staff members. Cedar Park Pediatrics goes above and beyond every day to provide our young patients with world-class care. It doesn’t matter if your child is in need of a simple checkup. It doesn’t matter if your child needs treatment for a cold or anything else, either. Cedar Park Pediatrics is always on hand to make things easy and convenient for you. Our goal as a pediatric practice is to always give our patients remarkable care they simply can’t find anywhere else. Our aim as a practice is to make our patients feel 100 percent comfortable at all times as well.

If you’re looking for a highly-regarded physician for your child anywhere near Taylor, Texas, Cedar Park Pediatrics is waiting to hear from you. We’re a highly renowned Cedar Park-based medical practice that has an exemplary reputation. Patients know they can count on us. They know that we’re an office that truly cares. Call us as soon as possible to set up an appointment.


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