Pediatric Care: Securing the Future of Your Child

Parents seek after pediatricians who can ensure that their children grow up happy and healthy. One way of securing the future of your child is by giving them the best pediatric care. In this modern day, children are afflicted with many different ailments. These include asthma, anemia, down syndrome, autism, dental ailments, and many other conditions that should be controlled with while they are still young. Cedar Park Pediatrics is renowned in Spicewood TX for its wide range of quality pediatric care.

What is the Main Focus of Pediatric Care?

Generally, pediatric care is an area of family medicine concerned with babies, children, and adolescents or young adults. Our main aim is to:

  • Reduce infant sickness
  • Reduce child sickness
  • Manage infectious diseases
  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Control the difficulties facing children or adolescents suffering from chronic conditions

Pediatric care is involved with diagnosing and treating infections, injuries, malignancies, genetic defects, and organic dysfunctions and diseases. Our pediatric physicians are not only concerned with physical problems; they also focus on early detection, prevention, and control of behavioral difficulties, functional problems, developmental disorders, depression disorders, and social stresses.

Well-Care Visits

Many parents take their kids for pediatric care when they are sick or need to be examined so that they can participate in a certain activity. It is also advisable to take your child to the physician for well-care visits. Well-care visits refer to routine visits to our pediatric clinic for:

  • Immunization updates
  • Physical examinations
  • Monitoring growth and development
  • Diagnosing problems before they turn serious
  • Educating parents on safety and health issues
  • Information on proper physical fitness and nutrition
  • Information on the management of illnesses and emergencies

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are one area of pediatric care that Cedar Park Pediatrics encounters on a regular basis. The definition of a learning disability by the National Institutes of Mental Health is a disorder affecting a person’s ability to interpret what they hear, see, or to associate information from different regions of their brain. These limitations exhibit themselves in various ways as difficulties speaking, writing, self control problems, and attention issues.

Developmental speech and language disorder is normally the first sign that a person is suffering from a learning disability. Each learning disability is diagnosed differently:

  • For a diagnosis of speech and language disorders, a speech therapist will test a child’s grammar skills, vocabulary, and pronunciation. A psychologist will test a child’s intelligence while our pediatricians will determine whether there are ear infections and examine the kid’s throat and vocal cords
  • For academic skills disorders, our doctor will evaluate a child’s progress in reading, writing or math through standard tests. We shall also test the child’s hearing and vision
  • When diagnosing ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder), our physician will usually check for how long certain behaviors have existed. These behaviors include losing things, fidgeting, talking excessively, interrupting, and the inability to focus on a task, take turns, or stay seated.

Pediatrics is a field of medical practice that is important for the general well being of children as they transition into adulthood. Therefore, parents should ensure they seek quality pediatric care from professionals such as Cedar Park Pediatrics to secure the future and well being of their children.


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