Pediatrician near Leander TX

All parents wish that their young ones lead a healthy and happy life during the initial stages of life. Growing children are exposed to external and genetic factors that place them at a risk of infections compared to adults.

For this reason, parents ought to choose an experienced health specialist to take care of the health needs of their children. Pediatricians work with other medical specialists to cater for the mental and general health of children aged 0-18 years.

Most parents are not informed of these talented professionals. As a result, they seek medical services from general practitioners, who may not be as effective as pediatricians. If you are a parent living in Leander TX, then you should consider visiting Cedar Park Pediatrics.

Cedar Park Pediatrics

For more than a decade, the clinic has provided pediatric family medicine services to children aged 0- 18 years. Our clinic operates under experienced doctors, Dr. Joe Cohen & Dr. Kathleen Henderson.

At the clinic, patients get regular checks that aid in early detection of disease, acute care visits for children with illness and professional consultation for children with challenging medical conditions and diseases.

Given the clinic’s tactic in dealing with pediatric cases, we are highly rated in Better Business Bureau and Yelp. BBB and Yelp are business review sites, which rate service providers depending on their quality of customer satisfaction.

Why parents need to enroll their children in our clinic

Children are more vulnerable to bad health compared to adults. Some factors that increase a child’s vulnerability to disease and injury are;

  • Children’s vital organs and body systems like the immune system are still developing. As such, children stand a risk of early life opportunistic diseases. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to environmental toxicants can damage the immature body systems.
  • Children are exposed to the disease-causing organism while playing or even when crawling.
  • Children are unable to make choices that safeguard their health. Unlike adults, children play in risky environments and may ingest contaminated food and water since they are unaware of the possible health risks.
  • Since children and adolescents are at their growing age, they eat and drink more, in proportion to their weight. This factor may expose them to health disorders like obesity.

Services offered in Our Pediatric Clinic

Unlike other general practitioners, our doctors specialize in treating kids and adolescents. As such, they are experienced in treating and managing disorders like infections, all injuries, birth and genetic defects and other dysfunctions. Additionally, our physicians help in the management of behavioral and development disorders in kids, and stress and anxiety disorders.

Therefore, our health specialists help children lead a healthy lifestyle and reduce suffering for children living with chronic diseases.

In our pediatric clinic, we believe that children are a unique population that deserves specialized medical attention. Call, email or get help through the live chat option on our website to book an appointment.


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