Quality Pediatric Care Near Lago Vista TX

Pediatric Family Medicine is Our Specialty

Choosing the right pediatrician can be a difficult decision for any parent. Whether you are expecting your first child or you have just moved to the area, we know you want the best for your child. At Cedar Park Pediatrics, we strive to provide excellent care for your growing family.

No two children are exactly alike. Our qualified staff specializes in tailoring a comprehensive health care plan that will best meet the needs of your child. From preventative well-child visits to sick visits, we will use the previous medical history of your child and your family to formulate a continuous plan to keep your child happy and healthy.

We also recognize that the health care needs of children and adolescents differ from the needs of adults. As a parent, you are looking for well-trained doctors that can meet those needs.As a result, you can trust us to provide great care in the area of pediatric family medicine.

We Care About Your Children

Being able to provide excellent medical care is of utmost importance. What makes the difference between good medical care and excellent medical care? The answer lies in nurturing relationships. As you enter our facility, you will be greeted by a caring staff who will seek to make your experience as positive as possible. We want to see your kids smile. Our doctors and nurses delight in providing age-appropriate interaction that will make your child or teen feel welcome and at home.

Availability is an important factor in choosing the right pediatrician. We can be reached by email or by phone. The live chat on our web page is also an excellent means of speaking with us promptly. Should you need a same day appointment for your child, contacting us by phone will provide you with immediate assistance. We are always available during office hours and provide an after-hours nursing service.

Parents are an important part of a child’s health care journey. While we specialize in providing medical care to kids and teens, we realize you require support as well. Families are exceptionally important to us. We are here to walk you through every step of this journey and to answer any questions you may have.

If you are searching for quality pediatric care near Lago Vista TX, we would be honored if you would consider making us your medical practice of choice. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today.


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