Pediatrician near Georgetown TX

Good health is important to kids and adolescents. Just like any family medicine specialty, quality care is guaranteed when one seeks medical attention from doctors who specialize in a particular niche of medicine. Pediatricians focus on prevention, control, and treatment of multiple health disorders facing children aged 0-18 years.

Quality healthcare at an early age ensures that children are prevented from early life opportunistic diseases and injuries thereby leading a healthy lifestyle in preparation for a healthy adult life.

Why Children Are At a Higher Risk of Bad Health Compared To Adults

Medical specialists say that children are at a higher risk of bad health compared to adults. This is because of their body physiology, behavior, and body size. Children have immature body systems that are easily damaged when exposed to environmental toxicants. Likewise, kids have a weaker immune system that cannot adequately defend the body against disease-causing organisms.

Children’s inability to make critical health choices is another factor that increases their vulnerability to illness and injury. As a result, they are vulnerable to falls, have a higher risk of coming into contact with disease-causing organisms or even engaging in risky behavior that is detrimental to their health.

For this reason, they require expert medical attention and care that considers their physical and emotional growth. Unlike other general health practitioners, pediatricians ensure that treatment process is family centered, is carried out in a child-friendly environment and alleviates a child’s fear of diagnostic tests and procedures.

Why visit Our Cedar Park Pediatrics Clinic

Experience is the first factor that defines reputable service providers from the rest. Cedar Park Pediatrics has been providing health service to children and adolescents of age 0-18 since 2005. We work under the leadership of Dr. Joe Cohen and Dr. Kathleen Henderson, doctors who have a wealth of knowledge in the field of pediatric family medicine.

Besides, our clinic has a dedicated team of pediatricians, and medical professionals who specialize in all childhood infections, injuries and other detrimental health conditions. Since children are a special population that requires professional care, our service delivery is designed to be accessible to all children, comprehensive and it is intended to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our quality of service has given us a satisfactory rating in Better Business Bureau and Yelp, review sites that use customer opinions to rate various service providers.

Our health specialists carry out routine medical checkups to identify and control infections at an early stage. We also offer consultations on severe medical disorders. Clients can contact our clinic through phone, email address, or engage us through the live chat option on the website. Contact us today and be sure to find solutions to all medical conditions that are facing your child in Georgetown TX.


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