Pediatrician Near Burnet TX

If you have children and live in or around Burnet TX, you’re probably on the lookout for a talented and compassionate pediatrician. You need look no further than Cedar Parks Pediatrics. The doctors who practice there, Joseph Cohen, MD, FAAP and Kathleen Henderson, DO, FAAP, will take excellent care of your kids.

Some parents wonder why they should take their child to a pediatrician at all. Why not just use a general practitioner? There are several good reasons.

Education and Training

In addition to going through medical school, those who practice children’s medicine spend an additional three to six years studying the care of young ones. Because it is a field that is constantly evolving and changing, specialists also attend continuing education seminars to stay up to date with the knowledge of treating children from zero to 18. Family medicine teams must have excellent communication skills, both with children and with parents. They must also learn to facilitate talks between children and their families and help work out disagreements.

Well Child Visits

Specialists who care for children are aware of childhood conditions like scoliosis. They know when it is better to just keep an eye on things and when it is better to intercede. Physicians who treat older patients, on the other hand, don’t have as many illnesses and conditions to contend with; therefore, they generally don’t have to see patients as often. Specialists who see children may see their patients several times a year to make sure the child’s development is taking place as it should.

Serious and Minor Illnesses

Even the healthiest kids get sick from time to time. When children do get sick, the medicine they require may be very different from the type and dosage an adult would require. Children also can become ill very quickly and run high temperatures. If you need a same day of sick child appointment, call Dr. Cohen or Dr. Henderson. We will make every effort to accommodate you as quickly as possible.

Healthy Lifestyle

There are several lifestyle changes children can make to stay strong and healthy. Eating healthy food makes a difference, of course. So do getting the right amount of exercise and the right amount of sleep. Your family medicine specialist should advise you how to make a healthy lifestyle fun.


Communicating well with children can be difficult. They may be too young to talk clearly. They may be shy. Or they may have reached the age when they don’t believe a single thing an adult has to say. Children’s specialists must have excellent communication skills, both with the children they they treat and with the children’s parents. They also have to be able to help children and parents work out their differences with each other.

If you have children in Burnet, it makes more sense to take them to an expert in children’s medicine than it does to take them to a general practitioner. A specialist in children’s medicine, like Dr. Cohen and Dr. Henderson, will give your child the care he or she needs to grow into a healthy adult.


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